Monitoring and Supervision of servers and network devices

Continious Health Checks of your network and alarms in case of failures.

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Server Less

You do not need a specialized server in your network infrastructure.

Without long waits

Log in to your monitoring system in less than 30 minutes , just contact us.

Save Money

On-demand services you do not required a new server, save money about OPs maintenance .

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Auto Monitoring 24x7

Automatic system which give you 24x7 supervision of your entire network

Alarms and Notifications to your email

You will receive notifications through your email in case of potential threat in your network.

APP for Mobiles

Get your PRTG app in your smartphone or Tablet to keep your network supervised from anywhere in anytime.

WatchGuard Dimension

New product of the year awarded by Network Computing Magazine, Obtain real time visibility about threats in your network which will not let you sleep well


Big Data Visibility

Obtain a detailed visibility about all of the event that threat your network security.


You do not need to install anything, this services is 100% cloud-based and available immediately.

Real Time

Be able to identify threats and vulnerabilities using tools that rate devices with the highest consume in your network mapping all of them. Also be able to check the AP status, security network status and more than 50 reports.

Detailed reports

Run up, visualize and filter all of the potential threat that might be compromise your network security.

Deployment & Projects

Protect your network perimeter from internal and external threats, link between sites, mobile users and internet and email policy deployment.


We support you in all of your implementation processes


Planning and Implementation

According to your requirement, we embrace the project to the Watchguard Firewall implementation.

As Connectivity or security levels (or both).

Thanks to the featuring and mixing of its services is possible any implementation according your needs.

We plan important elements for the business enhancement lying on the best practices and standards.

Step 1

Network Analysis

We have the latest technologies about network and infrastructure assets audit.

Vulnerabilities analysis, advising, network diagramming before to begin the project.

Step 2

Settings and starting up

We plan with our clients through different techniques, processes and methods to deploy and implement WatchGuard Firewalls & WatchGuard V, Clusters, Access Point and Dimension servers.

We reduce the downtimes of network services, reaching downtimes very lows for migration, setting and updating in a project.

Step 3

Starting up

The star up of all the security services using technologies as (UTM & NGFW), connectivity between branches, remote users, The logs, notification and alarm services will start to be sent to the project leader for important and necessary corrections.

Step 4

Post Implementation

We supervise the Firewall healthy status, ensuring that everything is working correctly and according the policies already created and established. In case that there is not internet or email outgoing policies, we offer proper advisory included in the implementation project.

Step 5

Additional services to project

We have some additional services offered, in case to require any technical support, agreements as Standard, extended and also tech support by hour.

After finish the implementation, we give some training offered by WatchGuard Itself, active 24x7 monitoring, alarms and notifications being MSP of PRTG Paessler, check of the configuration files, dimension server backup to the cloud and required customizing, image of devices, replacement services in failure cases while we process the replacement with the Manufacturer. Also we offer demos for additional services and devices.

Step 6

Managed Security / Proactive and reactive monitoring

We handle the security management of your network, then you can focus on the productivity of your business

Level 1 and Level 2 Support

Tech Support

24x7 Monitoring

You will have an automatic system that supervises you whole platform for 24 hours 7 days a week.


We alerting your IT department or directly to you about any threat or failure on any services in your network.

Specialized and committed Team

You will have certified experts in IT security, specialized in threat detections. All of them are supervising the status healthy of your servers and network.


Through Email and phone calls by our team


SGSI 0526 is WatchGuard Technologies gold partner, Paessler MSP and active member of WatchGuardONE program

Tech Support

Products and WatchGuard Technology Trainings

Security meetings for end users, infrastructure management and priority personal about corporate information management

Tech Support

Management services of WatchGuard security devices based on client policies

Rent WatchGuard

Leasing and supplying of WatchGuard Technology devices and licensing

Hosting IMG

Hosting Services of Dimension and monitoring servers

Tech Support

Network and infrastructure checking, maximizing it capability, performance and availability

Configuration Checking, devices upgrade and replacement service

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Jaime Velasco

Infrastructure Chief
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Wendy Segovia

Administrative assistant
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José González

Project II / Senior consultant
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Carlos Palomo

Analista I/ Proyectos Junior
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Jhounny Nuñez

Server Infrastructure
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Jorge Aponte

Pre-sales Engineer

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